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I am confused by the iOS app

Duolingo has been changing the iOS app, with some improvements and with some graphical degradations.

The latest change completely puzzles me.

What are gems and what are they good for? Where did the lingots go? Why can't I buy the Esperanto test any more? What in the name of Zamenhof is "health"?

Why is there no explanation of these jarring changes in the app?

It used to be at some point, the app would display how many XPs I have earned and then number of XPs until the next level. (Divide the XPs by ten to get the number of exercises.) That was great motivation. Now it is just an endless desert with no oasis in sight. It never discloses progress to the next level. The website has also been changed so that on a mobile device you can't see your progress. I can't work towards a level any more, I can only be surprised when I reach it.

The website still makes sense. Has the app been changed to encourage us to switch to the website?

June 26, 2017



You can see your progress using the device's browser. If your device is a mobile phone or has a small screen it will start up using the mobile website but you can switch to using the full site if you want to. I mainly use my iPad and which defaults to the full site but my iphone 7 has to be switched to use the full site.


Do you have the new version of the mobile website that makes the screen with the tree look like the app? When I was switched to it, I also lost the ability to access my profile with the XP counts. I can circuitously wend my way to the full site, but then as soon as I click on "my profile" I'm back to the new version, with its greatly reduced functionality.

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