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  5. "白いシャツをきます。"


Translation:I wear a white shirt.

June 26, 2017



And since there are no plurals in Japanese, answering 'I wear a white shirt' should be correct


"I'm wearing a white shirt" should be acceptable too, no?


Japanese has a present progressive form, so "I'm wearing a white shirt" would be "白いシャツを着ています" (shiroi shatsu wo kiteimasu).


But can't you also use this basic present form to describe the present progressive like with French?


I thought this too? Maybe not the literal translation but is this what you'd say for that?


There's no way to know whether this sentence is about 私 or someone else out of context. Japanese is an ambiguous context-dependant language and Duolingo should understand that


If there is no subject and you cannot put in a context, the subject is always 私/僕.


But there was another question, I think it was "何のりょうりおつくりましたか?" Where Duo only accepted "what did we/you cook/make?" as a translation. That is, "what dish did I cook?" wasn't accepted, even though the implied subject should've been 私/僕 like you said. Gosh this is confusing. : (


In Japanese, the subject can usually be assumed. So unless the context makes it obvious, a statement should use "I". In the same vein, when you're asking a question, you don't usually ask yourself a question about yourself because you already know the answer. You are usually talking to someone, so "you" is the assumed pronoun.


How would you translate this sentence, then?


I'm wearing a white shirt...and not spilling pasta sauce on it. ',:)


what is wrong with "i am wearing a white shirt"?


The "-masu" form of a verb conveys the present or future tense. "I am wearing a white shirt" is the present progressive, which would be "白いシャツを着ています".


"It'll a white shirt."

Duo wouldn't accept 'It is a white shirt.'

It temporarily slipped my mind that ...をきます was wear.

Come on Duo. It'll a white shirt. Really.


白いシャツを着ます。isn't accepted, anyone knows why?

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