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  5. "いろえんぴつをたくさんかいました。"


Translation:I bought many colored pencils.

June 26, 2017



色鉛筆 (coloured pencil)を沢山 (a lot of) 買い (buy) ました


Note that although kanji for たくさん exist, it is generally written in kana.


Yes, coloured, not colored, thank you my english brother for not succumbing to the American ways. Respect!


Shouldn't it accept 'lots of' in place of 'many'?


Agreed. I expect there's something about distinguishing countable and uncountable nouns being important.


lots of can be used with both countable and uncountable nouns whereas many is more restricted to countables.


Why not"color" pencils


What about "colour-pencils"?


Why is it, 'coloured pencils' as opposed to, 'I brought a lot of colouring pencils'?


Im pretty confident it's just another regional english issue. I always say colouring pencils. Maybe they use coloured more in the USA? It's the same construction as "baking tray" or "running shoes"


Actually, we say "colored" pencils ;)



It would be nice if Duolingo could take into account other words - I'm used to calling them pencil crayons


Crayons !=pencils. I get the issue of "color pencil", "colour pencil" and "coloring pencil" but pulling crayons into this is crossing the line. They are another type of tool altogether.


Is it not accepted? That's what we've always called them. Pencil crayon is Canadian English. It originated long ago from a misunderstanding of the packaging as pencil in French is crayon, from which in turn the English word crayon is derived, now usually meaning only wax crayons AFAIK, but also pencils for colouring as in Poet Laureate John Dryden's day, say . . .


I am flabbergasted by the use of 色, which Jisho assures me is a noun, without a connecting の. Is 色鉛筆 a set phrase?


Still not taking "coloring pencils."

Just out of curiosity, does anyone call coloring pencils "colored pencils?" Never heard them called that before by anyone from anywhere.


"colored pencils" is common usage in the US; I've honestly never heard/seen "coloring pencils" lol
It's always interesting going into discussions to see the many different words we use to call the same thing.
Report the question again if it continues to not be accepted. Our contributors have quite a lot of work to do right now with the new tree coming, but they'll certainly get to them eventually. Continued reports are more likely to get them seen and responded to.


I guess it makes sense as long as the colours of the pencils themselves correspond to the colours that they produce. From a grammatical point of view colouring probably makes more sense as it describes the function of the pencils whereas 'coloured' describes the pencils' appearance (which happens to correspond to the colours they produce when you draw with them). It could potentially cause ambiguity though... I mean what prevents someone from making pencils that are coloured in appearance, but produce only black colour? you'd still call them coloured pencils as that's what they are but they don't produce colours as you'd expect them to.


I bought a lot of color pencils (?)


I am a little confused. Does duolingo mean color pencils as in pencils you color with or colored pencils as in pencils that have color but it's a normal lead pencil?


I got this right first try, while it was the first sentence of the lesson. :D (from Japanese to English though, of course)

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