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Even more Chinese Words(list)(Can't be bothered to translate all of them.)

A 安ān B 吧ba 爸bā 八bā 百bǎi 北běi 不bù - bú D 大dà - dài 岛dǎo 的de - dí - dì 弟dì 地dì - de 东dōng 都dōu - dū 对duì 多duō E 儿ér 二èr F 方fāng G 港gǎng 哥gē 个gè - ge 关guān 贵guì 国guó 过guò H 海hǎi 好hǎo - hào 很hěn 会huì - kuài J 家jiā 见jiàn 叫jiào 姐jiě 京jīng 九jiǔ K 可kě L 老lǎo 李lǐ 零líng 六liù M 吗ma - má - mǎ 妈mā 么me - yāo 没méi - mò 美měi 妹mèi 们men 明míng 名míng N 哪nǎ 那nà - nèi 南nán 你nǐ 您nín P 朋péng Q 七qī 起qǐ 千qiān 去qù R 人rén 认rèn 日rì S 三sān 上shàng 谁shéi - shuí 什shén - shí 生shēng 师shī 识shí 十shí 是shì 四sì T 他tā 她tā 台tái 天tiān W 湾wān 万wàn 王wáng 我wǒ 五wǔ X 西xī 息xí 系xì - jì 先xiān 香xiāng 想xiǎng 小xiǎo 谢xiè 姓xìng 休xiū 学xué Y 也yě 一yī 亿yì 英yīng 友yǒu 月yuè Z 再zài 张zhāng 这zhè 中zhōng - zhòng 字zì

June 26, 2017



Thats all i know from A-Z


But we don't know what they mean without the English translation :(


This is the Educators forum, which is for discussing the Duolingo for Schools system.


There is no Chinese Forum


That's true. This still isn't a discussion about the Duolingo for Schools system. For the moment, in the absence of a Chinese forum, this belongs in the Duolingo forum.

Sorry, I should have written a less brief and brusque post yesterday. Here's a guide on how to choose which forum to post in: [Guide] In which forum should I post my discussion?.

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