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Ridiculous depreciation rates of my classes

I've been trying to get my whole tree golden for a while, and I've been having a lot of trouble with how fast the lesson depreciate. On average, around 7 classes stop being golden every day. Which forces me to do 10 lessons per day to have any meaningful progress.

I wonder if any more people have this issue. I am int he last 20 lessons, which might explain the change, but the depreciation is reaching absurd levels.

Today I finished 5 lessons to catch up only to find that 4 more stop being golden.

Is there anything I can do to avoid this problem?

June 26, 2017



That is normal in the course German for English speakers. Caused by: it is a long tree with many words and it is updated recently.
Note: You don't have to keep your tree gold. Just do what you can and like.


Thanks for the info, it's not that I have to, but it is a resolution of my to finish it and I will.


Same problem!! I used to love Duolingo, but it is getting SO annoying that I am planning on quitting. The biggest problem is the "STRENGHTEN" skill always takes A LOT MORE questions than a regular exercise! When I open Duolingo I want to have a 5 minute quick brush-up, and not having to type in 20 times that "I show my a child my shoes"! It is also so bad that the same lessons seem to erode all the time, and not the ones I used to miss. Keeping the skills up became a chore and it does not add to the challenge. Why can't the student be trusted to do the repetition in his own pace and time?


I have this issue as well. I'm doing roughly 100XP per day, and I can tackle 'new skills' only every 5 days or so because I am brushing up the older skills to keep them golden.

I understand that keeping them golden is important because sometimes I do get one or 2 words incorrect wrong during the brushing up.

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