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Why is the Japanese course "blue"?

I was wondering why is this blue?

The color of each of the other courses can be found on the corresponding flag. Why is the Japanese course an exception?

June 26, 2017



This is interesting, so the colors of the flag don't represent the country. What good is such a flag, I wonder. On top of that nobody's actually sure why blue. Hmm. Thanks for the article, I guess it explains it as much as it can.


"What good is such a flag, I wonder."

What 'good' is any flag? They serve no real purpose other than identification.

That being said, the symbol on the flag does indeed represent the country. The Japanese name for Japan- nihon-koku - means 'the nation of the origin of the sun'.

It's probably the simplest and most direct national flag out here.


My first theory was because it was in Alpha (on the website) and Beta (for ios and android apps) However, Russian, Dutch, Swedish, and a few other courses are in blue as well. So, it looks like some are just in blue.

[deactivated user]

    On the flag

    Russia- has blue

    Netherlands- has blue

    Sweden- has blue

    My only guess is that it is due to the Japanese football team.... but I don't think from my experience the Japanese at Duo are huge football fans, and all other teams other than the football team wear red


    The flag is blue? I thought that people were talking about the color of the course page. The flag is white and red when I look at it. Could I get a screenshot of what you're looking at? Thanks! ^_^

    [deactivated user]

      I meant that the colours on the flags of the nations with blue backgrounds have some sort of blue

      Japan does not but they have a blue background


      The landmark that represents the Japanese course is the Floating Torii Gate. It sits in a harbor, hence the "floating." My guess is that it would have been hard to tell that it's actually out in the water if it was set to a red background.

      (I actually saw it years ago, and I want to say that it was off an island just a ferry ride out of Hiroshima.)


      i don't know but i like it

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