Suggestions for Esperanto culture bonus skill

If the Esperanto culture bonus skill ever gets revised, I'd like to suggest a couple of additions:

  1. We get some sentences referencing the creation of Esperanto but I think an explicit mention of the Unua Libro ("The International Language of Doktoro Esperanto") might be in order. Something like: "La libro 'La Internacia Lingvo de Doktoro Esperanto' estis eldonita en 1887." or maybe "'La Internacia Lingvo de Doktoro Esperanto' havas la kromnomon 'La Unua Libro.'" And while we're at it, is there a way on the mobile app to not have "1887" be one of the "words" we match? It came up in a matching question and matching it with "dek ok okdek sep" would have made sense; matching it with "1887" didn't. :)

  2. The word "volapukaĵo" (which is in the PIV - I checked) is a reference to Volapük, another planned language that was popular at the time the Unua Libro was published. Since to many Esperantists Volapük was random-seeming and unintelligible, "volapukaĵo" has come to mean "something that can't be understood." Kind of like we might say "It's all Greek to me".

1 year ago

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I thinks that is interesting and I would like to see it in the exercises if I can ever access them.

1 year ago
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The flirting bonus skill can be found in tinycards too. Maybe that will help some.

1 year ago
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