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San Francisco Meetup recap!

SF Spanish Meetup june 25, 2017

While I was visiting San Francisco, California (USA) I hosted a community meetup on June 25th. For those who are curious of the details, it was a small, cozy group of five. That was pretty good considering it was happening at the same time as the Pride parade rainbow. Some folks mentioned they would have come otherwise. The meetup theme was Spanish learners, but folks were allowed to come even if they didn't know Spanish.

Not everyone who attended spoke Spanish. So, while we mainly focused on trying to use Spanish, there was a bit of French and English mixed in as well. But, it really added to the flavor and fun, as some people used French to make the leap in understanding what was being said in Spanish. :D We talked about our favorite books, movies, hobbies, and a whole host of other things. (And of course, we talked about Duolingo too!) Because were were using a mix of languages, we got some curious looks from surrounding tables. Who knows, maybe they will have seen all of the stickers on the table, and look up Duolingo. ^_^

Here was the Duo Demographics breakdown:
Course contributors: 2 (French and Greek)
Alpha testers: 2 (Vietnamese and Korean)
Forum moderators: 3 (2 language specific, one global)
General Community members: 1
Spanish users: 4
French users: 3
(Attendees had experience with other languages as well, but the exchanges were mainly in Spanish, English, and French. Though, a certain blue bunny kept using ASL out of habit.)
English users: 5
People from the US: 1
People from Australia: 1
Total users to attend: 5

It was a lot of fun! I even found someone to practice ASL (and possibly Japanese) with in the future. I look forward to being able to attend a meetup in the future. Thank you to everyone who attended! ^_^

San Francisco Meetup June 25 2017
(Image posted with permission from those in it.)

June 26, 2017



It looks and sounds like you had a great time! :-)

I've once had a mini-meetup with two other Duolingo users I only know from here.

Let's hope Duolingo restores the ability to communicate among users soon!


Usagiboy is leaving out the best part. Vlad Putin showed up. They told him, "No dancing and no Russian." But, he couldn't stop doing either. So, everyone was ignoring him while he was dancing in the corner speaking Russian to himself. They asked him why he was at their Duolingo shindig in the first place. Vlad said he was in the cafe protesting against the Gay Pride parade outside. After that, they made poor Vlad continue his protest in the broom closet, where he could not be heard or seen. When they opened the door an hour later to tell Vlad the meeting was over and they were leaving, he was still dancing and mumbling Russian. Everyone had a great time!


Vlad said he was in the cafe protesting against the Gay Pride parade outside.

Yeah typical, while he was actually ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ up Trump again.


So... did Mr. Putin eventually come out?


"Though, a certain blue bunny kept using ASL out of habit."

Love this!!


Oh, you should see my knuckle! We were at a campsite before we got to San Francisco, sitting at a wooden table. Someone said something to me. As I was replying, my hand came up from my lap to add in a sign without me even aware of it, and I got a knuckle full of splinters! It's looking better today, but it wasn't so pretty a few days ago (because an infection set in). :P Who knew signing could be so dangerous! O.O. The scar will give me a funny story to tell later though, hee hee. xD


Have you ever poked or hit someone accidentally while signing?


Things yes, people not that I can recall. I'm sure it will happen eventually, and will probably be hilarious.




a meeting of minds




Taking the picture, the typical excuse for not having to be in it. Caught!

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