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Diccionario Spanglish ᕦ (ò_ó) ᕤ

Aprende nuevas palabras!!

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June 26, 2017

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First, what an amazing list, and I respect all the work that you did. I do not mean to offend you, and if my observations are not welcome, I deeply apologize.

Perhaps it's in part a regional issue, but there are phrases in English that really aren't in use the way they are on the table, in my experience. (A moderately well educated caucasian women on the west coast of the United States). Some of the language is just slightly off, and although I'm sure most people would know what you meant, for accuracy sake, I would point out a few things that I noticed.

For example, I have only heard people use "proS and conS", as in, "They debated the pros and cons of their options before deciding what to do". Not used in the singular.

I have never heard "in old days" used in conversation. More likely to be "back in the olden days" (to be used "tongue in cheek" as it's not the way a literate person would refer to the past.

Say one's say -- it's to "have one's say". It's almost always " it's just a matter of time". We are "at the end of our rope", not tether (this may be the same word in Spanish?). You also might be "at wit's end" in the same situation.

Your average American wouldn't use "carry" for making the point / winning the argument. (Perhaps more often used in context of an office workspace, or by folks in more elevated circumstances than myself). Nor would they use the word "shall" as above. It would be "I'll never get over it" or "I will never get over it". "Off and on" more common than "on or off".

I don't know that I've ever heard "play for time" (do you mean stall?) or "be quits" (end a relationship?).

Again, it may be simply regional differences in the manner of speaking, and someone may disagree with my "corrections" Over all, your work is very impressive and useful; it was kind of you to take the time to share your work with us!


Waw .. excelente ayuda


Thanks man. Totally useful.


thanks you are the best


I'm so confused. I think you want to thank to Mr. Henry, but you wrote to me. Well, I think Mr henry understand and will be congratulated of you. Anyway, we all are here to practice. Do your best. Kisses for you. P.D. If any one find a mistake in about I wrote, please sign it, be severe. That is the only way to learn. Thank you so much.


Muchas gracias por tu maravilloso aporte Henry


yo hablo espanol


Este me ha gustado y ademas es un regalo. Tan ptonto como me asiente en fluidez, de seguro que los copio y hare qque me acuerde del autor de este articculo.

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