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Skills tree needs reviewed constantly

Hey I was writing because I have an 8 day streak in Japanese. One of the biggest things I noticed is that I will have to do like 6 skills in the morning and then the same six skills at night. Sometimes it takes more than one runthrough which makes it hard to start on new lessons because I want to get everything gold before starting. Its just deteriorating a lot quicker than most duolingo courses do. I would love input from creators, etc about why this is or if its a bug they are still trying to work out.

June 27, 2017



I had a similar question a while ago, and people advised me to just keep going and to revise later lessons before earlier ones. This means you cannot use the "Practice" function because it will send you right back to "Maria is from China". (At this point, I am so very well aware that Maria is from China, and that John is American. Aaaargh!)

Every once in a while and against my better judgment I do use "Practice" - it seems that they introduce some later content in the matching exercises, for example. But "wanting to get everything gold before starting on new exercises" will not work.


I already learnt to ignore them. Seems no one is working on this.


I think there is a bug that the developers are not paying attention to. If I focus on keeping things gold, I get stuck at the same level EVERY day. I get it back to gold and the next day it needs review again. Often, I can do that level with no mistakes (even though there are bugs in the level... I have done the level often enough that I know the bugs and can give the right answer even though I know their are other answers that are also correct, but the system would score those other answers as incorrect). This is frustrating, and I think I think the only way forward is to ignore the ones that lose "gold" and keep moving on. I understand that Japanese is supposed to be beta, but it really has a lot of issues.

BTW, I have reasonable proficiency in Japanese and my wife is Japanese, so I am able to verify that some of their answers are not really correct.


Well, I am done with all the lessons, so the "adding new lessons at a pace that is too fast" hypothesis does not apply. I also don't make many mistakes - maybe one or two per unit, if at all. And STILL it is basically impossible to get that #%^*+ tree gold - as soon as my back is turned, lessons in need of review pop up like mushrooms.

I don't greatly care - "the path is the destination", plus every once in a while, there seem to be new sentences - but still, it would seem that something is amiss here. (And what about those zero-mistake lessons that still do not strengthen the skill in question - WHY?)


I finally managed to get the entire tree golden last week. I didn't test out of anything, and especially towards the end I was quite slow in adding new lessons. My experience so far: it is still pretty much impossible to keep the tree golden. Skills keep decaying too quickly, and I don't understand why I have to do early skill sets over and over, even though I really do know them. I don't see that there is much recognition of "no mistakes were made - student apparently knows this - let's move on".

I was hoping that I could keep things stable with about 100 points per day. However, that doesn't appear to be nearly enough, and that is somewhat frustrating.

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