Practice with verb tenses/numbers?

Hi! So far I've had a really good time learning French on Duolingo, but it is not very useful for learning verb tenses, as there isn't enough practice to memorize them the first time around. Are there any online flashcards/worksheets I could use to practice them instead?

June 27, 2017



I had the same issue, which is why I stopped Duolingo for a month (maybe more...), just to fill in empty spaces in terms of grammar and to vigorously work on my pronunciation.

I first Googled it, then looked further, and I found many helpful sites! here are some:

Helps explain what each tense means:

Helps for conjugating specific verbs:

Site will quiz you on conjugations!

Interesting Quizlet to help! -

Explains the tedious "Imparfait vs Passe Compose":

STORIES.... perfect for past tense and when to use!

Hope this can help! It's helped me indeed. There are many more sites I haven't saved; I will gladly add them on here as fast I can recall them :)

p.s.: seriously, no need to "chuck him some lingots"

June 27, 2017

Thanks so much for the help! I was browsing quizlets but some of them were over my head in terms of what I've learned so far. I will put these resources to good use!

June 27, 2017
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