What is the difference between mange and manges?

June 25, 2012


There are different conjugations. If you take a verb, you can conjugate it in a few ways... In English, we say "I eat, you eat, he eats, we eat" etc. In French you would conjugate the verb MANGER: Je mange, tu manages, il/elle/on mange, nous mangeons, vous mangez, ils/elles magent. Notice the different ending for the different conjugations. Mange would be the conjugation for il/elle/on/je (he, she, we singular, I) and manges is the conjgation for tu (you singular).

We use mange for"Je,Il,Elle" (singular).For example:Il mange une pomme.That means:he eats an apple.And we say "manges" for you(singular).Tu manges.=you are eating.And "mangeons"for"nous=We". And "mangent" for"they".

I recommend learning about verb conjugations on About.com

As a beginner, you probably only need to worry about the present tense conjugations of être, avoir, and the regular verbs (-er, -ir, and -re).

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