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"Because my stomach hurts, I am going to the bathroom."


June 27, 2017



What is the difference between "node" and "kara"


This can make a research article you know.

Both talks about a casual relationship.

A ので、B 。

You talk about a circumstance A, and in such circumstance an event B arises naturally. There is a strong but subjective association of A and B.

A から、B 。

You talk about an event A which, in your objective view, directly caused an event B to arise.

The difference is actually a subtle one and in many cases interchangeable. However, as beginners, the first thing we are taught to remember is not to use から to explain your fault. You will be conveying the message that the reason you have given is the sole cause of the unpleasant outcome and you have no responsibility yourself at all.

e.g. 道が込んでいたから遅刻しました。

The way was congested, and thus I am late.


My understanding is that ので is also more polite. Check out https://www.learn-japanese-adventure.com/japanese-grammar-cause-reason.html


Why isnt "wa" accepted after "onaka", only "ga"?


I have the same question


I think it's because you should use が when using いたい But if you're using the negative form, いたくない, then you should use は


So you don't flip the sentence structure here, why please?


Verbally it is alright.


I'm confused about this, as well. It seems in the other examples that the sentence structure is reversed.


Could you say おなかがいたいんで、トイレに行きます。, or would that mean something else? Or just be incorrect?


I wonder if this is a good translation (not native English speaker here). The Japanese refers to the case that you ate something wrong and need to use the toilet…


As a native English speaker, i believe the idea behind the translation is easily understandable.


It does not sound natural beginning with the reason. "I'm going to the toilet because my stomach hurts." is more natural. Alternatively, "My stomach hurts, I'm going to the toilet."


There's nothing wrong with starting a sentence with "because", as long as the dependent clause is followed by an independent clause.


Is the problem with my thinking or the course when toire ni iki node onaga ga itai desu is not accepted?


Before No De you need to use either Iku or Ikimasu. But that would mean Because I go to the toilet, my stomach hurts...


The clause before ので is the reason/cause.


Could I say the following: おなかがいたくてトイレに行きます. ?

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