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Researchers want to know about your Duolingo experiences

Thank you for your interest in our survey! This survey is now closed. If you have finished this survey at an earlier date, we will now do the prize draw. We will inform the winners by mail.

June 27, 2017



Done, with feedback. Good luck! Can we get the results of the research?


Thanks for your interest! There are actually quite some people who have asked the same question on other locations where I posted this survey. So, I will write something about it when I have finished with the data collection and post it here.


Have just completed this, hope it helps the research!


Thank you for your effort! It will surely be useful :)


I wonder if this is legit......Especially with the spelling error........


Another respondent found and pointed out that there was a spelling error. Now I don’t dare changing it. I just don’t know how the survey tool will react to changes while collecting data. Well hopefully, this survey will not be removed due to this. Wrong place though to do this kind of mistake :)


Hello. If you need some data ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ or data analytics, I'm available


I have answered the survey and put in some feedback at the end about the "lingot" economy that I would like to discuss. Maybe I'll open a separate post on this.


Thanks for taking the time!


Let me guess, you're an undergraduate psychology student?

That survey is so extremely besides the point the point of Duolingo and extremely biased. It was a torture to complete. Things like "memorable sensory experience", "makes my actions seem to come automatically" and "While I am doing this activity, I am thinking about how much I enjoy it" made me chuckle, like seriously wtf. Asking something like "I predict that I will keep using Duolingo in the future at least as much as I have used it lately" a gazillion times also is a big face-palm. Construct validity isn't a competition of repeating the same question as much as possible xD.


Thanks for your comment and for taking the time to do the survey. Unfortunately, I have a problem to discuss the exact research question here since this might affect how others will respond to the survey. Since there have been others who have been interested in what we are doing, I will post a description of this when the data collection is finished.


Sounds good :)


do i get a prize?

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