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"They have forty glasses, we have fifty."

Translation:Ei au patruzeci de pahare, noi avem cincizeci.

June 27, 2017



Is the "de" in front of "pahare" mandatory?


When was the other translation of glasses introduced? I don't remember that vocabulary word before.


They do that sometimes. Apparently ochelari are eyeglasses.


I dropped "noi" in the second half (like I often do) but everything else is letter for letter exact. Any reason dropping "noi" is an issue here or just a tech mistake?


must be a mistake as it's in the translation at the start of this "Discuss"


Yes I dropped the "noi" pronoun and just used "avem" verb conjugation and it was marked wrong. Is this not acceptable or is it just an error on Duolingo's side?

EDIT: I tried a couple of different variations of this. The first time I tried with neither pronoun ("EI" and "noi") and it was marked incorrect. The second time I omitted the first pronoun, "Ei" but included the "noi" pronoun and it was marked correct. This exercise seems to require the second pronoun.


As far as I know, Romanian does not require personal pronouns with verbs. They are only used for accentuation.


Think it's just another Duo mistake


Why is „de” used here and not in other sentences?

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