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GERMAN: Difference between sind and seid

I already done the basic 2 and common phrases but I don't really understand about the difference between sind and seid. It quiet confusing for me..

June 27, 2017



Each pronoun requires a different form of the verb, this is known as conjugation and it applies not only to sein but to all other verbs as well:

Ich bin = I am
Du bist = You are
Er/sie/es ist = he/she/it is
Wir sind = we are
Ihr seid = you all are
Sie sind = they are

An example of conjugation for a regular verb (trinken, to drink):

Ich trinke = I drink
Du trinkst = you drink
Er/sie/es trinkt = he/she/it drinks
Wir trinken = we drink
Ihr trinkt = you all drink
Sie trinken = they drink


Thank you very much for the deeper explanation!!

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