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  5. "Де цей храм?"

"Де цей храм?"

Translation:Where is this temple?

June 27, 2017



Храм can also be translated as church, you are right. Thanks. Now it's accepted.


Church is церква.


Which faith in Ukraine has temples?


Both the English word 'temple' and the Ukrainian word 'храм' mean a building used for worship or prayer or other rituals without specifying the religion. There are more specific words like 'церква' ('church', a Christian temple), 'костьол' (Roman Catholic church), 'кірха' (Protestant church), 'мечеть' ('mosque'), синагога ('synagogue') and others. The most usual temples one can find in Ukraine are churches. I'm pretty sure that most of the believers here are Orthodox Christians and the majority of churches is also Orthodox.


Also in both Ukrainian Catholic and Ukrainian Orthodox churches, inside, they have the 'храм' ('sanctuary') where there are the 'Holy of Holies' (where the priest celebrates the Divine Liturgy behind the Golden Gates, at the altar, where the кивот' ('ark') stands holding the chalice.) No one can enter inside except the priest, bishop, altar attendants and other clergy.

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