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duolingo labs review!!

ive tried the new duolingo tab today and i found that it was amazing. Duolingo has helped me to learn portuguese and ive done some extended research, but when i needed to converse with people or listen to the language to be familiar with the sound of it, i had to watch you tube videos and listen to music but as a learner those person speak very fast...then in storms duolingo labs. duolingo labs make you feel more apart of the stories due to the interactive method used inside and it trains your ears to listen to words and how they are laced together to make stories. i rate duolingo labs 5 star and im hoping that it remains there forever. cant wait for duolingo to launch its social part of the website where we can meet and speak to fellow duolin-goers :D

June 27, 2017



You may want to tell it directly to staff in the official announcement of this (under test) feature.


i can help you,português é a minha lingua materna


thank alot i would be very happy if you can help me because i dont have much persons to speak to in portuguese..


add me on facebook and we can talk there


eu prefiro skype,pode ser?vai ser até bom pra vc praticar a fala.


eu nao tenho uma conta de skype mas eu posso criar um.....

eu pensava que nos usassemos messenger do facebook

(hope my portuguese makes sense)


adiciona no skype "KIDBATBENGUI",mas avisa aqui para q possa te add,estou com uma foto de um macaco com cara preta e pelo branco


Are these likely to get more advanced? And for other languages? I can't scroll through other posts


i dont know as yet ..so far its only for portuguese and spanish

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