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Reviews have gotten harder

As of late, my general reviews (i.e. strengthen skills) have gotten much harder. I am often asked to translate what seem to be idiomatic phrases that I have not learned before. As an example, I was given the phrase "Sowohl als auch!," which apparently means both. I have found this very disconcerting, and I spend much time reading the discussions to try and understand everything. I imagine that this is part of the learning process. However, I still wonder if is normal. Input would be appreciated.

June 27, 2017



Learning a language will be hard. Embrace the challenge.


I agree. It only seems natural for challenges to arise and for things to get more difficult as your skill increases. In order to learn, you have to be challenged!


Thanks for everybody's comments. I made my post in a moment of weakness. I felt like I was not progressing as fast as I would like. As a result of the helpful input, I have decided to fully absorb and master what I have learned before worrying about learning new material. Specifically, I will use Anki to master the hard words and idioms that I am having a hard time getting a handle on. In closing I will say that obtaining German mastery would not be impressive if it were easy to come by.


I'm sure that you're doing perfectly fine!! Just because something seems hard sometimes doesn't mean you aren't good at it! Good for you for not giving up. Keep learning!


However, I still wonder if is normal. Input would be appreciated.

It is normal for the course "German for English speakers".
German is a difficult language and this course is long, has many words and idiom.
When I was half-way this tree, the web version became too difficult for me.
I had to switch to the Android App version to become familiar with the idiom, the many "false friends" with my native language (Dutch) and the "endless" variations in "strong, weak and mixed declinations". I finished this tree in the Android App.
About two weeks ago I restarted this tree in the web version. I still make many mistakes, but I am exercising with pleasure now. And it has become my favorite course, because it stays challenging.


I think that is to be desired for if it doesn't increase its difficulty it soon becomes too easy. If it doesn't get harder you won't progress, it would be like lifting the same weight over and over and expecting to become stronger. You need to learn those phrases by heart like native children do, flashcard based learning, writing the sentences down physically and composing your own sentences with the idioms work well for this. Take solace in the fact that some phrases are rarely used and sometimes when you discover its origin a phrase that appeared idiomatic makes more sense.


I also noticed that the German grammar got somewhat harder once I reached the upper teen levels and all the repeated practice questions about "Au├čerirdischen" (space aliens) were starting to get on my nerves. The cases and adjective endings are challenging and many of the nouns and verbs are compounded from a limited number of prefixes and suffixes that make them harder to distinguish and remember. Nonetheless I do find that it gradually gets easier...including the complex sentence constructions...and I don't find Au├čerirdische questions quite so annoying anymore.


The more you strengthen, the more complicated the phrases and the more vocabulary you pick up. I remember getting that one and feeling a bit peeved, but that's when I go to the discussion. Just because you've gilded the tree and reached the top level, you're not "done".

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