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"Más" and "mas"

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I understand that one of the many pairs of homophones in Spanish that are differentiated only by a written accent is "más" (more) and "mas."

What is the usage of "mas"? What does it mean? I've been unable to find a satisfactory explanation of how to use the word and for what.

5 years ago



the word "mas" can be used as but, as rspreng says. In order to differentiate them (more and but) the accent is given to "more". I have checked it out to give you a source, http://lema.rae.es/dpd/srv/search?id=Cbumyr3WLD6Afn24Wr, and it says that actually the pronunciation is different (hence the accent) I never thought about it, as I learned all this when learning about words that sound alike but mean different, but yes, makes sense.

5 years ago


My dictionary says mas = conj., 'but' Apart from that, I got nuthin'

5 years ago