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  5. "El are un tort la bucătărie."

"El are un tort la bucătărie."

Translation:He has a cake in the kitchen.

June 27, 2017



It's amazing how "la" can be used for so many things depending on the context.


2018-08-09 Yes, exactly! I thought la meant "at the", but in this sentence it's translated to the English "in the". But in the sentence here https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/23528988 DL does not accept translating pe as "in the", even though in English that's the natural translation.


Very strange sentence.


It seems like a normal one to me, nothing about ducks reading newspapers.


My native romanian boyfriend told me this doesn't sound right at all, it should be în bucătărie. Some native could explain this?


fratilor, prepozitia "la" in acest context este folosota excesiv, fara nici un send!


Though my response was written in Romanian, duolingo kept telling me i was responding in English! So I responded in English with the same result! I had to write a couple of unrelated words in Romanian to get to this page!

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