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English talks: What is your favourite language?

Mmmm well I think I do not have "a" favourite language because all of them have different specs.

For example French language: I love the way it sounds, so sensual, so suggestive even when some french insult you, LOL I just remember Merovingian from Matrix reloaded "I've tried all languages but my favourite is french even to insult: similar to clean your ass with silk."

English language I love that it is practical. i can read or write technical documents and collaborate with my partners around the world, so it is a good tool I think, it is practical it is "easy" well for my purpose is easy.

German language is hard, is imperative, I love the german's culture. And if I am not wrong they have too many specific and large words that's why twitter is not popular in Germany.

Tamil, well when indians speak in tamil I do not understand nothing and its handwriting similar to japanese, korean, etc I do not get nothing!!

Spanish (But the real spanish not the Spain's one) Mexico, Latinamerica I think spanish is a very complex language, expressive, well it is my mother's tongue so: what can I say about spanish? I think it is pretty cool.

And of course there are a lot of languages. Italian, portuguese, whatever.

I think every language has its way its form so I cannot choose one.

June 27, 2017

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I agree with you, every language has something good that makes it special


Thanks for sharing your opinion.


How is that?, about the "real spanish"?...am I missing something?...just curious, not trying to argue at all...

About my favorite language, it must be spanish...Because it's the one I better know...English, Portuguese and German are fun to study, and use; but sadly I cannot live them as I wish, not yet...


hehehe cause... Have you ever listen a spanish guy? We have (Mexico and latinamerica) a richer language, modisms, expressions than spanish people, they are so purist. hehe It's nice to read you friend!! Have a good day!! Enjoy


It's nice to participate in another of your English talks. You are doing great, by the way. Your post was flawless, congratulations...

About your question...I do have listened to spanish people, they talk funny...but to be fair, I consider theirs the "real spanish"...

By the way, you should check this video about english idioms...I had a really good time, I hope you do as well...

You too, have a nice day...

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