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Is there a place to see a list of all the dicussions I'm following?

If not, could there be?

March 6, 2013



There isn't currently, but making it easier to follow discussion threads is something we are thinking about.


That would be great! I'm sorry if I come of as grumpy. I mean, I shouldn't really complain, this is free after all! But I guess I just like it so much that I want it to be even better.


Duolingo really needs this functionality. As a new user on my first web based lesson, I followed a discussion pertaining to a wrong answer on a timed practice. Obviously I didn't have the time to read it there and then so I was hoping to come back to it. I searched and searched for where to find my followed discussions but never found it and simply resorted to creating a new discussion to ask the question.

Implementing this would be a good first step to push more community involvement on Duolingo, akin to more of a forum than individual disconnected discussions as I feel it is now. In terms of how to do it, I think a tab on the main discussion page next to "popular, new, top all time" would do.


Absolutely! It's hard to follow discussions in the current design. Appreciate the suggestion. Definitely working on how the discussions work together.


All true, but if you click the follow discussion button on the top left duo will e-mail you when there is a new post. It's better than nothing right now :D


It's better than nothing, absolutely. But man, is it filling up my inbox!


There could be one on Home, next to the skill and stream pages. Either as an inbox, or as a my discussions page.


Yup, and not only the discussions that we started, all the ones where we wrote something.


yeah on duolingo

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