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Suggestion - Simple (?) QOL improvement for the forum

Sometimes, a few posts just totally blow up and you soon see well over a hundred replies, often in staff posts, and similar. This leads to the page really slowing down due to the amound of messages (replies) in the comment section it has to load, and you end up scrolling down a very laggy page. This isn't a fun experience, but nothing really bothering either.

I don't know a lot about web programming or anything of the sort (I loathed that class in high school. So boring), but wouldn't it be better to have the replies be distributed over pages, like most forums do? The comment section could only have a maximum of 12-20 replies to the OP (not including replies, and replies to replies etc.). If there be more than this, you have to click over to the next page of the comment section. This will limit, or maybe eliminate the lag of those huge threads.

Duolingo's forum structure is different from regular forums in terms of upvoted comments being on top, the (limited) reply system etc. But it should be possible to sort this out together with the page system I described. The goal is to limit the amound of messages that are displayed so that lag is not so very present.

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June 27, 2017



The developers are rebuilding the forum now. They might have already planned what you suggest, and either way they will make it faster.


Just adding a reference to SemperDoctrina's saying.

Since the Forum is still quite slow, we are now focusing our attention on rewriting the Forum as well!


I agree. I think it would be best to have an option in settings to have comments displayed in multiple pages or one single page.

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