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How to add a language?

I am using DuoLingo on a Mac, although sometimes I use the mobile version on my Android phone. I don't understand how to "add" a language? Whenever I select "Add a new course" and choose a course it just changes to that course instead, it doesn't "add" it anywhere (that I can see).

I also notice when other people leave comments it shows all their levels in all their languages courses whereas mine is only showing my Spanish level (I should have level 11 in English as well)? Maybe the English isn't showing (and I am unable to "add" it as a language as opposed to switching over to it) because it's still in incubation?

March 24, 2014



You will only be able to see courses that share a base language at a time. So, if you are taking two courses that are learn x language from English, those will show up together. But if you are learning say Spanish from Portuguese, you won't be able to see it at the same time. That is because the base language determines the website's interface language.

I hope this helps! :)


Yes, that was very helpful and completely clarified things for me. :-) Thanks for the fast and helpful response!

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