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Keep Learning German Or do more languages?

Well, I really like German and its challenging. But should I do another language. Like my brother is learning French. So Should I do another language! I am gonna go to Greece in a year. I don't know. Help me!!

June 27, 2017



If you are going to Greece, I'd very strongly suggest learning Greek.

I believe that the best thing about learning a language is using it. When you go to a country that does not speak your language well and you speak theirs, several things happen:

  1. You feel great. It really is a blast in so many ways to converse in a foreign language!

  2. You get a lot more from your voyage. The whole experience is much richer. Even simple things like food and wine become way more interesting.

  3. The locals love it! In many countries (I feel France and English speaking countries are exceptions) people really like it when you even try to talk in their language and they often help you. This is especially true if their language is not used much outside their country.

  4. You get much better at it. Immersion really works well!


If you think that you should learn another language then go for it. I would recommend picking a language quite different to German as it could confuse you. If you don't think that you can multi-task with languages then try finishing German first and then working on another one.


It depends entirely on what would suit you best. If you find you can multi-task okay and make progress in both languages, then great! Otherwise, try doing one at a time, starting with the language you want to learn the most and then pick up the other down the road.

Just a quick note: German grammar is pretty complex, so learning the language might take a little longer than French would, assuming you're a native English speaker that is.


Do one that you like the most!
Learning a language is no fun if you don't enjoy the language.
If you want to try Danish, the go for it! If you want to try Greek, go got it! :)
I can multitask pretty well, so i am mainly focusing on German & Vietnamese. If you want to do both Greek & German, try it and if you don't like having 2 then quit one :)


Everybody's different, but if you think you can handle more than one language, go for it!
I personally rotate through my trees, taking two or so days before moving on to the next one.
If you want to learn another language, I would probably recommend Greek, as you're going there, and it's much different than German (you don't want to get the languages mixed up).
French is really cool, too if you're considering doing that. But, then again, in my opinion ALL languages are cool : )
And, of course, you need to enjoy the language you're learning. They're super hard to learn if you don't have motivation, or you simply aren't enjoying it.


I vote for Stick with German.


If you really like German keep going with it! If French sounds more fun and challenging, or the thought of having French conversations with your brother sounds more appealing, then switch! Maybe since your going to Greece next year then you could switch learn Greek real quick and then get right back to German. Unless you know your life is ending soon, or you know you will have to stop doing Duolingo, You can probably do all of them! If you want to do all of them I would start with Greek, finish German, and then do French (unless you've changed your mind by then.)


I have been in a number of different countries and can say that the better I understood the local language, the more I got out of my trip. A real simple exchange in Japan was the highlight of that trip, and in my visit to Austria a year ago an impromptu discussion with a local about his bees, of all things, was great fun. On that basis, if you are planning a trip to visit Greece, by all means learn as much Greek as you can. On the other hand, I also suggest that if you want to "learn" a language, try to do it well, and to that end don't flit from language to language. But that's just me; I have no quarrel with people who see things differently.


I'd say continue German until you're pretty far, then do other languages and like Zig_Zag_Wanderer said, if you're going to Greece, Greek is a pretty good option

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