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  5. "It took two weeks."

"It took two weeks."


June 27, 2017



ni shuu kan kakarimashita


FYI: I checked what 間 is, since it was not taught in this course yet. It means ‘(time) period, interval’, so 二週間 means ”two weeks(' period)”, and it's pronounced [ni shuu kan].


I believe that kanji is introduced in Position 1 (as of this time of writing). 間 means 'period' or 'space', in a temporal or spatial context


Wait, what the heck? Why are we using 間 with weeks, but not with days? In both cases, we're talking about a span of time, so I don't see why 間 isn't used with both.


I think that very good lessons of japanese are George Trumbley's "Japanese from zero" series and their video version on youtube


Sorry - I've made a typo - George Trombley


How is this pronounced ?




間 indeed means a period of time. It's used a lot, and is a counter for periods of time. What's interesting is that it's used in this question, but then many questions in the time module omit 間 making it confusing for new learners of Japanese.

How long does it take? = どのぐらいかかりますか?
It takes two weeks = 二週間かかります
two years 二年間かかります
two days 二日間かかります


Can someone explain to me what function is 間accomplishing here? 二週かかりました。is wrong? Is 間 necesary?


I try to figure out why 間 is used here. I think that it's depending on the context. Let's say your boss is asking you how many time a specific operation took and you answer " it's a 2 week flat rate to redo this again". So it's a "2 week time span" per action... It's hard to explain what I feel, any thought ?

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