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"Meat of wildebeest is delicious"

Translation:Nyama ya nyumbu ni tamu

June 28, 2017



It would be more idiomatic in English to say "Wildebeest meat ..." , or else you need articles, e.g. "The meat of the wildebeest .... "

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Wow, is that true?


It is "nyama ya nyumbu" and not "nyama wa nyumbu" ; but "nyumbu wangu", and not "nyumbu yangu". Why sometimes is y- and sometimes is w-?


First, we are talking about two different nouns, "nyama" and "nyumbu" and therefore these two nouns may take different agreements. Then, we are talking about two different parts of speech: 1) the "-a" of possession or association of, and 2) the possessive adjectives "-angu", "-ako", "-ake", "-etu", "-enu", "-ao" my, your, his/her/its, our, your, their. Frequently there is a similarity between the two (nyumba ya mwalimu; nyumba yake), but sometimes there is not; this is especially true with nouns that represent people and animals, such as "nyumbu". That is a partial answer. Try to find a Swahili grammar book or grammar reference online and see if you can work out the details.


The subject in this example is the meat, or nyama, not the wildebeest, so it uses the noun class for nyama.

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