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"Os professores veem seus alunos."

Translation:The teachers see their students.

March 24, 2014



Can't "ver" mean "watch"??


No. Ver = see. If you see something, it happens to appear in your visual spectrum. If you watch something, it means you put plenty of time and effort into looking at it. A perfect synonym for watch is observe.


but the Duo Dictionnary shows "watch" as a possible translation for "ver"


What's the difference btw estudante and aluna/aluno


Nowadays they are used interchangeably, but if you see the origin, you'll find out that they have different origins.

  • aluno: absent of light, that is, he needs someone to guide/teach him.
  • estudante: the one who can learn by himself.


Great explanation! Obrigado!


Is there a distinction between a school teacher and a teacher at the university level. In some Spanish-speaking regions, "profesor" is used only for those teaching at the university level and in other regions it means any teacher.


Yes, we don't make a distinction. We use professor for both of them.


The faculty is singular, so it should be sees and it's. Or am I mistaken?


I agree it should be 'The faculty sees its students'. 'His' is the singular possessive for male gender but 'Faculty' is of neuter gender in English which is why it should be followed by 'its'.


As a native English speaker, I would disagree. I don't have an explanation, but their sounds right.


As "faculty" can be singular or plural (see: http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/faculty) both "see its" and "see their" should be accepted, but, like you, I think the plural sounds more natural here.

When collective nouns are involved, US English speakers tend to choose the singular interpretation and British English speakers choose the plural as discussed in this usage note: http://www.oxforddictionaries.com/definition/english/collective-noun


Why is 'os seus alunos ' wrong?


So what's the word for alumni?


The same... maybe because it is less common in English....

https://www.duolingo.com/profile/Sueli Angst

Why not yours students?


Well, as we have no context, "your students" should be accepted as well.


The possessive "your" only takes on an "s" at the end when not followed by a noun. As an example: The bells are yours versus Those are your bells both of which are the same whether talking to one person, or several.


Why watch is not valid?


Maybe they want observar for "to watch".


Os professores is plural, my trnaslation of faculties should then be correct.


Faculty and faculties are two different ideas. Faculty, in the context of education, is the staff. My university has a great faculty. Faculties is almost always the power or ability to do something. Although very sick, he is in full possession of his faculties.


It can also be the place where the faculty teaches (Would you like a tour of the faculties? - Yes, different than facilities). :)



However, if you brought together faculty from each of several schools, you would have quite a few faculties.


Why would one choose to translate "Os professores" as faculty? O professor = the teacher or the professor A faculdade = faculty


Is it supposed to be 'vêem', not 'veem'?

[deactivated user]

    Is there a difference in meaning between:

    • Os professores veem seus alunos.
    • Os professores olham para os alunos.

    • Os professores veem seus alunos. The teachers see/watch their students.

    • Os professores olham para os alunos. The teachers look at the students.

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