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What do you like and dislike about duolingo?

I've noticed that there have been some recent changes that kind of suck, like the new health system, which made me Wonder what things you all dislike, or like about duolingo. For example, I really like that duolingo allows you to test out of sections, do a placement test, and also estimates your fluency, though I doubt that the fluency estimation is accurate.

Overall, of course, I really like duolingo, and I hope it continues to get better. ^-^

June 28, 2017



What's not to like to be fair, It's not cost anyone here a penny and taught us all so much! regardless of any minor flaws I cant speak highly enough about Duolingo!


Same here!!!!!!!


I really like the strengthening tests in the sections, I find that they really cement my understanding of particular words, and how words react within different grammatical contexts, if that makes sense?

There's not really anything I truly dislike, but I've never been a fan of the health you get on the Duolingo app. I find that it really discourages me, even if I just get one question wrong. Learning is all about making mistakes, after all :)


I love that they've turned language learning into a game. Some people say "streak doesn't mean anything, streaks don't matter" but they do. Your level, your lingots, and your streak are all winnings in the language learning game. They reflect how far you've come and they're a reminder of your dedication to learning your chosen language. It's a great system.

I also like the list of words you've learned. It's another cool way to see how far you've come. I remember when my list of words was only 100 long. I look at it today and it's at 725, and almost all of them are at full strength. Besides that, it's nice to click a word and see its different forms and conjugations. That can be helpful


Like; lingots Dislike; internet not letting me on Duolingo cos its stupid


like: duolingo discussions. dislike: duolingo frequently do not respond to emails.


I love how the Duolingo staff has made language learning seem like a game, and the fact that it's free is also an advantage. They offer so many language courses from any language to another and there's so many users that can help each other in language learning through forums.

One thing I would change about Duolingo though, is the fact that new courses aren't available on all devices at the same time. For example, the Japanese course is available on the app, but not on the website. I'm not personally interested in learning Japanese (Although I have already tested it out on mobile!), but I think both the desktop and mobile versions should be released at the same time.

Overall, I wouldn't change anything vital about Duolingo! Keep up the good work, Duolingo Staff!


I like the exercises. But when you finish even all its still not so much challenging.


What's the new health system? I never noticed it. Is it because I have android?

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