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Has Something Changed?


Thanks for providing such a great resource of information. Just one question: Recently something seems to have changed with Ukrainian duolingo. Everything is in cyrillic and not in English alphabet. Is there a way to change it back. I saw a button before that let you switch between English and Cyrillic but it is gone now. Thanks again


June 28, 2017



After the recent update this is:

Not planned:

Ability to toggle between Cyrillic and Roman alphabet in Russian and Ukrainian courses

Source: https://support.duolingo.com/hc/en-us/articles/115002969903-Duolingo-s-New-Website


Thought so. Hopefully it changes back. Guess its time to learn cyrillic.


Cyrillic is not that hard to learn, both Cyrillic and Latin alphabet come from Greek, so they're fairly similar. And if you plan to ever visit Ukraine, Bulgaria or any other country that uses cyrillic alphabet, the skill to be able to read it will come in handy.

Good luck!

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Hurray! I've been gone a few weeks, and having to change it back to Cyrillic every day was one of my biggest niggles!

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