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Whats your favourite Language?

Tell me, whats your favourite Language?

June 28, 2017

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english is too easy, pero español es mi favorito, aunque el portugués es aun mas completo que el español


Hey!! I typed this topic!!! See https://www.duolingo.com/comment/23274155

Mmmm well I think I do not have "a" favourite language because all of them have different specs.

For example French language: I love the way it sounds, so sensual, so suggestive even when some french insult you, LOL I just remember Merovingian from Matrix reloaded "I've tried all languages but my favourite is french even to insult: similar to clean your ass with silk."

English language I love that it is practical. i can read or write technical documents and collaborate with my partners around the world, so it is a good tool I think, it is practical it is "easy" well for my purpose is easy.

German language is hard, is imperative, I love the german's culture. And if I am not wrong they have too many specific and large words that's why twitter is not popular in Germany.

Tamil, well when indians speak in tamil I do not understand nothing and its handwriting similar to japanese, korean, etc I do not get nothing!!

Spanish (But the real spanish not the Spain's one) Mexico, Latinamerica I think spanish is a very complex language, expressive, well it is my mother's tongue so: what can I say about spanish? I think it is pretty cool.

And of course there are a lot of languages. Italian, portuguese, whatever.

I think every language has its way its form so I cannot choose one.


mi language favorite is english


Mi idioma favorita es ESPANOL porque donde vivo, es MUY util para aprender. I am a native english speaker, though

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