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  5. "このテーブルはひくいです。"


Translation:This table is low.

June 28, 2017





I love the effort you are putting into this. I just think everyone will need to come to realize that Duolingo isn't going to teach us enough kanji.


I do appreciate what John is doing. However, a newbie (like me) won't know the pronounciation of kanji itself.


That is why furigana are really important. I would love it if they had furigana under or above the kanji they represent.


Everyones asking for it i really dont know why they wont do it


You just need to look at the original sentence at the top. Though of course this doesn't provide every meaning and every way to say each kanji, it's still valuable if it comes up in this context again


What does it mean by table is low ? Or it mean it is short ?


Low as in it is close to the ground, low height.


Can it mean both low and short?


Hikui (低い), i do believe, is both low and short... My dictionary has it as meaning low, short, humble. But then again... Duo is using another word, mijikai (短い) to mean short. Someone said.. One is short as in not long.. And the other is short as in not tall. So.. Idunno.. They are both comin up descriptively short to me. :D


What's the diiference between their answer and "This is a low table"?


Because このテ-ブル は says 'this table'.. The topic being 'this table'.. not just 'this'. wa(は), the topic marker, points to the topic before it, Right? So.. What about this table? This table is low. (Or... As for this table, it is low)


この テーブル means this table. これは低いテーブルです means this is a low table. この modifies the thing it precedes; so do あの and その. I think this means they're adjectives. Meanwhile これ それ and あれ are pronouns, I think.


Opposite of low in japanese?


高い (たかい) - high (status/position), tall (height), expensive (high price), loud or shrill (high volume)

低い - low (status/position), short (low height), quiet (low volume)


Duolingo didn't accept the kanji for the "Type what you hear" question, typed 「このテーブルは低いです」and Duolingo didn't accept. And, when I tried to report it, I didn't get an option for "My answer should be accepted".


Listening practice only accepts one possible answer and usually rejects kanji not covered in the course.

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