Inaccurate XP Graph

Over the past two days my XP graph has not been very accurate. I'm attaching a screenshot I just took.
After two exercises (20 XP) the line correctly shows level 20, but:

  • the blue box says '30 XP' instead of '20 XP';

  • the dot is full, as if I had already met my daily goal, although I haven't yet.

  • the '20/30 xp goal met' notice on the left is wrong (it should be '20/30 xp gained').

Thanks to Duolingo's programmers for fixing this.

June 28, 2017


I've been through it before but ignore it. And I also still do the full point that I have installed. After a while it was normal

June 28, 2017

Same thing here. On "Lesson Complete" page, the ratio shown on the left is correct, but the graph on the right adds 10 XPs I haven't earned. When I return to the "Home" page, the graph there does show the correct number of XPs.

June 30, 2017

It's working right, this morning. Thanks, Duolingo!

July 4, 2017
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