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  5. "That TV is new."

"That TV is new."


June 28, 2017





So i accidentally left off です at the end and it still said it was correct? Is it not needed?


Why is その incorrect here? Contextually you can't tell how far it is except for the fact it said "that" instead of "this".


2 years later and still is marked as incorrect...


This is a tricky one as it depends on the person knowing where the TV is in relation to themselves or the listener. このテレビは新しいです。 is "This TV is new" (close to speaker), そのテレビは新しいです。 is "That TV is new." (close to listener), あのテレビは新しいです。 is "That TV [over there] is new." (far from the listener and speaker).


Yes, so based on the original English "That TV is" there is no way to know that they want あの rather than その. If it had been the other way around, if Duolingo had said that あの was wrong and had wanted その instead, one could have argued that the absence of "over there" was meant to be significant, but in this case -- since the sentence doesn't say "That TV over there" -- there is no way to rule out その.

Report it as correct so that it gets fixed!


Wrote その instead of あの and the Duolingo owl jumped through my computer screen and slapped my stupid hands away from the keyboard before giving me a brief owl scowl. I have been robbed on this one I feel


It could have been much worse, Ceasepool, count your blessings. I'm sure Duo will not be as forgiving in the future....


I wrote that withoutです, and it was correct?


You don't hear people use です all that often. As a matter of fact it is usually just implied with manners of speaking as far as I know


everyday informal speech - だ as the informal form of です is often skipped


I thought I'd point this out just for humor, but it seems like Duolingo always wants to use "あの" when I'm thinking about using "その," and vice versa. I know it doesn't really matter since there's no way for that kind of context here, but we can never seem to get on the same page. :P

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