Japanese stories!

Hello everyone!

If you're learning Japanese and you're really interested in learning it, here's the best discussion for you to find Japanese fairy tales for beginners and intermediate learners.

Just you have to click on :

Have fun with learning "Japanese speakers"

June 28, 2017


This is nice and at least two stories are also in this series:

The books follow the same principle, so they are worth to look at.

Here are some examples, including 風と太陽 and 走れメロス:

June 28, 2017

Thank you so much :) Can you help me translate this : やくそく:くらいへやでテレビはみない!ちやんとはなれとみる。

June 28, 2017


Promise: Do not watch TV in the dark room. Take distance inough (from TV).


Many television programs for children show these sentences when start. Because protect children's eyes (eyesight? vision?).

June 29, 2017


June 30, 2017

Please help me learn it

August 14, 2019
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