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A Japanese sentence!

Please Japanese native speakers help me translate this : やくそく:くらいへやでテレビはみない!ちやんとはなれとみる。

I found it somewhere and I cannot translate it.

June 28, 2017



Where did you find this? Maybe knowing the source material or seeing it in context will help. I am not a native Japanese speaker but consider myself bilingual as well as I am a Teacher's Assistant at a Japanese Language School for teaching Adults Japanese as a Second language.

I read:

やくそく Promise : くらいへやでテレビはみない!I can't watch TV in a dark room!/Don't watch TV in a dark room!

The next part may have a typo: ちやんと=>ちゃんと - just; properly; exactly; perfectly はなれとみる=>はなれてみる - to look at a distance

So with it corrected, it could be:

ちゃんとはなれてみる。(I will) watch (it) perfectly from a distance./Watch it from a proper distance.

Does this help or make sense?


Yes Thank you. Have you ever watched Sonic x's animation in Japanese? At the end of each episode (when the ending song finishes) Sonic turns off the Tv and his servant points to a piece a paper where these words are written. As I am a begginer, I was really curious to know what does she mean.


Ok, then it seem to be an advice to the apparently young audience, I think.


I haven't seen it but sounds interesting. It's good that you can hear the Japanese and be able to write it down in hiragana. You were really close!

That's a great way to listen and learn new vocabulary.


Thanks, It's a shame that I'm not as good as you think. This movie has subtitles in English and these words were written in the animation I did not hear them :((


Well keep at it and don't give up!


Thanks for motivating me :)


here "Yakusoku: I don't watch TV so much! I think it's a good idea."

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