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The devil's streak

Hey everyone! I decided on the day of reaching the devilishly beautiful streak of 666 days I just have to create a discussion. However I think all posts here should have some relation to language learning, so I will just mention here, that this Sunday I will take the JLPT 5 test (japanese language proficiency test, lowest level). http://www.jlpt.jp/e/ I am looking forward to seeing some fellow duolingoers taking this test. That's it from me, I need to continue learning ^^

June 28, 2017



wonderful man....have a good luck for exam. I just completed my graduation and i had 2 months of free time before I get my joining date as a software engineer in one of IT company. I was searching for some good language learning websites and I found Duolingo. I cant express how happy I am. This is awesome website. Seeing you people for lots and lots of days here . Hats of man. Way to go. I planning to do a 100 days streak. Lets see :)


Thank you, and congrats on getting a job! I think duo is a great place to start language learning. I also started with a small streak and can't quite believe where it got me. So keep up the good work!


Good thing you don't suffer from Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia. Also, good luck on your Japanese Language Proficiency Test. :)


Thanks a lot. And lucky me indeed. The word is so long, it ought to be German^^


Wow ... way to go!!!! My aim is 300, let alone 666 : )


Maybe it can be your next aim? After all your 300 is just around the corner. Keep up the good work and consider joining the Streak Hall of Fame when you reach 300 days (sign up in this thread https://www.duolingo.com/comment/13152151)


Thanks : ) I will!


Excellent work, am very proud. \m/ Wish you luck for the exam, the number will be with you.


Thanks, I sure hope so


Congrats on 666 days in a row. To tough for my life. I seem to run into a vacation or visitors or life event that knocks me back....oh well. Keep up the streak!!


Thank you. But don't get me wrong: it's not like I don't go on vacation, have a social life and sometimes really stressful phases. In those times I only do a few points a day, but the streak reminds me, that I have the big goal of mastering a language to strive for. Sometimes it feels like it's far away, but I think every lesson you do counts. Good luck to you too!


Yes, you are so right, every lesson does count.

Congrats on the 666 :)

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