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German for Italian speakers has graduated!

Congratulations to the team!

It would be nice to see some new courses in the incubator soon. Phase 1 recently dropped to its lowest amount of courses in a couple of years and phase 2 might soon follow suit. Maybe this team is ready to start the reverse course or maybe it can be something completely different. I have heard there are some fairly popular languages that English speakers have waited for years.

June 28, 2017



Congrats to this team!

And well done on the subtle suggestion, scarcerer... ;-)


I really hope we get new additions to the incubator soon!!!


Yay thats great that the duo team managed to finish it congrats to the duo team .


Wow, a lot of courses are graduating from beta.


"Fairly popular languages" for English speakers? I have NO idea what you could possibly be referring to...


There are still several, to be honest.

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