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"Männer und Frauen"

Translation:Men and women

March 24, 2014



...That feel when you accidentally type women and men.


Männer und Frauen = men and woman? help me pls


men and women, yes.


men and women (pl.) man and woman (sing.)


Woman is singular, wheras women are plural (more than one)


It means Men & women (en ending plural forms)


my keyboard does not have the a with 2 dots above it. At the beginning of these lessons, I was to use ae


Their is a way on keyboard for laptops, I belive for the "ä" it is Ctrl alt 3 3 1 or alt 3 3 1


Yeah, you use the ALT and then type 132 on the numberpad.


Does it work for all letters though?


Enable Duetch language in your keyboard ;)


German (Deutsch) or Dutch (Nederlands)?


I wrote "men and women" rather than "Men and women" and was told my response was incorrect. Since 'men and women' is not a logical sentence in English, it's more a fragment than anything, so why would I assume to capitalize it?


«Men and women» or «men an women», both are accepted.


I don't know why but every time I click the speaker icon it says immediately that it's the wrong answer. I don't even have time to say anything :(( The speaker is on, and speaker is also allowed on the web. What's wrong?


what is the difference between Manner, Frauen and Mann, Frau


Mann and Frau are singular. Mann means man and Frau means woman. Männer and Frauen are plural. Männer means men and Frauen means women.


Männer und Frauen is plural while Mann und Frau is singular


Männer, Frauen =men, women and Mann, Frau =man, woman


Why does the Frauen etc. have capital letters? Is it on purpose?



All nouns in German are capitalised -- "man", "woman", "love", "beauty", "house", "spoon", etc. (Mann, Frau, Liebe, Schönheit, Haus, Löffel, ...)


How to write german Manner...Can someone help.


In all events where the use of umlauts arises, an "e" placed after the vowel is an acceptable substitution.


I can finally remember that all nouns are captlized in German without Duo telling me! Im so happy


I am coming from French, where you wouldn't be able to type something like this. You would have to say something like: "Des hommes et des femmes", including the articles. In English, we don't really have to include articles like French, we can just say "Men and women" or "Men" or "Chairs", without articles. Is it the same in German?


Yes, the usage of articles in German is pretty similar to that in English. (But not identical.)


Does this sentence also mean, "husbands and wives"


Most likely not. In some cases, "Mann" and "Frau" can mean "husband" and "wife", especially when "mein Mann" "meine Frau" is used. For example "Das ist meine Frau" would usually be understood as "That is my wife". But in this case, without any context, it's most likely that "Ehemann" and "Ehefrau" would be used for "husband" and "wife".


Yes, you need a possesive pronoun for it to mean husband and wife like "ihre Männer und Frauen".


Would it be like "ladies and gentleman" in english?


No, that's "Damen und Herren".


Thank you very much. Muchas gracias.


Protip: dont try to overcomplicate things. Often languages translate simply, and what you think would be an acceptable interpretation in English may end up being a translation of a translation, so to speak. Like if you were to translate "Männer und Frauen" to "ladies ans gentlemen", it changes its meaning (to be more formal rather than the simple "men and women"). Just something i remember being taught in French in school when I tried to be fancy basically :)


what is the deference between man and men, woman and women ?


Singular and plural.

one man = ein Mann
several men = mehrere Männer

one woman = eine Frau
several women = mehrere Frauen


ä has different sounds? As in Mädchen or Männer?


That's right. All of a e i o u ä ö ü come in "short" and "long" versions which sound different.

Long and short a differ only in how long the vowel is pronounced, and for conservative speakers, this is also true for long and short ä; with the other vowel sounds, on the other hand, the "long" version is not only longer in duration but also has a different sound -- a bit like the vowels of "foot" and "boot" in English, for example

Mädchen has a long ä and Männer has a short ä in it.


What is the difference between "a" and "a (with the dots over it)?" (Sorry...my device wouldn't allow me to use the dotted 'a'.)


For many speakers, ä is pronounced exactly like e.

Short ä always sounds exactly like short e, and thus similar to the English "short E" in "bet".

Long ä often sounds like long e, i.e. like the French é -- a sound not found in most varieties of English, but most similar to English "long A" as in "cake". The English sound is usually a diphthong, while the German and French sounds are "pure", not shading from one vowel to another.


I wrote men and woman but i had a space at the end so much for corect awsers


"Frauen" is plural (= women), but you used the singular form "woman" with an A instead of the correct plural "women" with an E.


I type man and woman - _-


And that is wrong, because "man" and "woman" are singular, but Männer and Frauen are plural -- it should be "men" and "women".


I got it right but it said i was wrong


Did you type "man and woman" or "men and woman" or something along those lines? Both Männer and Frauen are plural, so the correct answer should be "men and women".



That's what I keep typing and it keeps telling me I'm wrong!


what do you keep typing, if you tell us we can help you find a solution


Can someone help me with a proper pronounciation of "Frau" / "Frauen"? Is it a bit like in French, I mean this raspy sound from the back of your throat? Or is it just simly putting the accent on the "R" but it non-cringy way?


Is it a bit like in French



"Ladies and gentlemen" - not accepted.


"Ladies and gentlemen" - not accepted.

That would be Damen und Herren.


I have writen all correct but Duo still said i did not. This happened a few times.Why is that?


I have writen all correct but Duo still said i did not. This happened a few times.Why is that?

The most likely reason is that you did not, in fact, "writen all correct".

Many people mix up "men" and "man" or "women" and "woman", for example. Check that all the letter are exactly the same.

If you still don't know why your answer was rejected, please take a screenshot showing the question and your answer, then upload it to a website somewhere and paste the URL into a comment here.


Instead of "acidic", maybe you shoud consider that I am learning german from english and my native language is none! Just for the fact that i have i have been in hurry to ask, it does not make you the king of knowdlege ;)


The audio aint playing for half of the lesson


so, Men and women is wrong, huh. Is everything broken with this section? I write it out correctly, and it still says I'm wrong. Is Duolingo even monitoring what they have on their site? It's been happening for the last 4 translations


Men and women is wrong

No; that's a correct translation.

Do you have a screenshot showing that translation being rejected? If so, please upload it to a website somewhere (e.g. imgur) and tell us the URL.

Is Duolingo even monitoring what they have on their site?

Nobody who reads this sentence discussion can see what anyone answers.

Hence my request to show us your answer -- with a screenshot, so that we can see what you actually wrote rather than what you intended to write.


Why didn't it give my a typo instead of a full wrong answer when i only did men and woman the a is supposed to be a e but it should give me a typo, why didn't it?


I think if the typo makes it a different existing word, it's considered wrong.


Okay, sounds right, thank you.


how do i pronounce 'r' do I vibrate my tongue or my throat?


Think of it like vibrating your throat, if that's even a thing. The symbol for the German r is /ʁ/ (the same "guttural r" as found in French), and it's made by vibrating the uvula (that dangly thing in the back of your throat) back and forth, or at least by approximating that.

Be careful, though, because the German r is not usually pronounced in the middle of or at the end of a syllable. So „Männer und Frauen” would be pronounced /ˈmɛnɐ ʊnt fʀaʊən/ (menah unt frauen), sort of like how it'd be pronounced if it were in British English. (This is different from French, where r is always pronounced unless it's silent).

So to answer your question, at least in the Standard German spoken in Germany, vibrate your throat.



I don’t have the accents on my keyboard for Manner


Just write «Maenner», it's accepted. Or use Alt +132.


Or use the small buttons below the text box.


I put menge und Frauen :(


Why cannot you use &


Because that is not correct English spelling.

& is used in some company names but not in regular English writing, at least not in the 21st century with standard written English.


I used the '&' instead of 'and' and it's wrong... why ;-;


It's not so long to write «and». Duolingo doesn't accept abbreviation.


It SAYS WOMAN but it says Its Supost TO BE LADYS


No, ladies = Damen.


Can you disable this audio type question like you can on the mobile?


Yes. Go in the options. If you have further question about the technical side, you should post rather in the general forum, you'll have answers there.


I am not allowed to use the speakers


Disactivate the sound in the «options».


How do you type the a with the 2 dots on an american keyboard ?


im so bad at pronounciation!!!



If it's too hard, just deactivate the speaking exercise, in the site options.


men & women should be accepted


It's an abbreviation.


I put the correct answer and it said i was wrong please fix this


They won't fix anything here. For bugs, please use the general forum or the bug report.

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