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Who's With This New Change?

When I edit a comment, the whole page refreshes. The refresh itself and the scroll don't take much, but still, it's way more time-consuming than it was before.

I've reported it to the staff on June 20th, but I haven't received any replies. If it's a permanent change, I'd like to know what other users think of it. We might be able to to rectify it as well if it gets too many negative views.

June 28, 2017



Given that a forum rewrite is on the way, I wouldn't expect much action from them, unless a problem is critical.


I think the forum rewrite might be underway, I know two userscripts that were updated to work with the changes. If that's true, it's better be dealt with now. However, you're right that on Duolingo, a problem needs a certain level of criticality to be solved, which isn't very encouraging!


Duo rarely reply to bug reports or suggestions and even negative reviews don't have a lot of affect. Whenever they make changes they run their own metrics to see how effective they are.


I've almost always received replies from them though, but your point is valid. Also, my impression suggests that they're more active on the Discussions recently, and they changed that new in-lesson transition animation after several complains. (I think vivisaurus responded to a related discussion,I may be able to dig up the link but not now, on mobile) Also, this might be an unwanted side-effect, or a bug. Let's stay optimistic!


Something else that has changed (and not really for the better) is that if you score nil in a round of timed practice, the number counter adds a one, also the "drooping" trumpet sound is now missing. I quite miss it, even though I used to swear at it a bit at times! But it does seem to be somewhat "false" to get a congratulatory trumpet when no points have been scored!


Curious, and thank you! I should try it! And, I've had sounds disabled for quite a while now, I find lessons less frustrating without them! Especially that "wrong" sound; and especially when my answer was legitimate!

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