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"Estoy en el programa de protección a testigos."

Translation:I am in the witness protection program.

March 6, 2013



I think in every language on earth you should be able to say at least one random sentence and say it all the time when someone tries to speak with you. I just decided I take this one for spanish.


This will come in handy in response to the "Flirting" lesson!


I don't think it's a good idea to go around telling people you're in the witness protection program.


I hope I never need to use this sentence either in English or Spanish.


Probably not a good thing to be putting on the internet.


what's wrong with "I am in the protection program for witnesses"


The witness protection program is a well-known program in the US, and, as I understand it, is being launched nation-wide in the UK as of this year (2013) as well.

While you would probably be understood, it is a really awkward way to say it. I personally don't think it should be accepted.


Exactly what I said. I was going to say the witness protection program but was afraid Duolingo would not accept it...so I did what you did and got it marked WRONG.


Exactly. Duolingo has some answers that only are literal and some that can only be practical. It's really annoying.


I also want to know what is wrong with "I am in the protection program for witnesses"


Or what about "I am in the witnesses protection program" since testigos is plural, right?


El programa de proteccion DE testigos? Why not correct?


I have seen it written both ways by respected news sources, so I suspect either way is acceptable. That said, I'm not a native Spanish speaker, so I don't know for sure.


I agree, I've seen it usted with DE or A


Does this even exist in Latin America or Spain?


I am from the US. You say IN the witness protection program. Iago is right: ON is not said.


En is interchangeable in Spanish as both in and on. Is it not? I read the sentence as: in the program...


I am not from the US but I am a native English speaker too and I say "on". As do a hell of a lot of people according to a quick google. Not that "in" is wrong.


That's why I specified I was from the US. Here it is wrong to say "on". We also don't say "England are the champions" in American English. You'll get a funny look and a red circle on your paper.


Lol, I'm not saying that the English I speak is more correct than the English you speak. That's a silly way to think about language when you think about it.


sure wish these sentences were more relevant to real life, uless of course you actually ARE in this program!!!! I would like to see more conversational-type sentences, such as one would use when talking with people at work or at the store or out in real life situations. I am going to keep asking the duolingo gods for this. :-) I know this site is free but this will expand its use to real people in real situations, i think....


Do you really think the point is to memorize all these sentences, or do you suppose they might just be model sentences to let us gradually build up our vocabulary and comprehension?


I was sure the author of these lessons reads too much roman noir!


Or watches too many telenovelas.


... not anymore you're not.


I hope I never have to use this sentence either in English or Spanish.


why not 'eyewitness' protection program?


"Witness protection program" is an idiom, the official name of a government program. Also 'witness' has a specific legal meaning, while 'eyewitness' is a more general, journalistic word for someone who saw something happen.


In the UK you can say "ON" the wpp...


Finally I learned my target sentence. Actually I used this one on a trip when the guide kept taking photos and he almost choked. It was pretty funny.


Finally! A phrase I can use. Oh damn! Gotta get another new cover again...


What's the first rule of the witness protection program? Tyler?


why not de testigos instead of a testigos?


Where does the "a" come from? I thought it would be "y". And question about the second "de" in the other answer given. Thanks.


I don't get why testigo is plural here where witness and program are singular


Because the program is for all witnesses? In German, it's "Zeugenschutzprogramm", too.


"I am in the program for the protection of witnesses" should be accepted as correct.


maybe not something you should be saying


it reminds me of my russian tape. now, i know how say "my baby's been kidnapped" in russian.


This lesson and some others should be in the Law section.

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