"I received this diamond from my grandmother."


June 28, 2017

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から is mainly used for getting things from companies and organisations. From a person you use に


I wrote そぼにこのダイアモンドはもらいました、and it was wrong. is it?


I'm confused. Sometimes the order seems variable, other times we get slammed unless we use a certain order -- and I have trouble keeping track of which is required where. Is there an explanation somewhere?


Sentence order in Japanese is not difficult. As long as the words are followed by the correct particles, and the main verb is at the end, any order goes. Therefore, besides your typological errors (ダイヤモンド, not ダイアモンド, ヤ instead of ア), this order is fine.


Tell me if I'm wrong but I believe 祖母にこのダイヤモンドはもらいました is bringing more attention to "this diamond" as if someone asked "what did your grandma give you?" while このダイヤモンドは祖母にもらいました seems more like the answer to "who gave you this diamond?" emphasizing "my grandmother". In my language, Italian, there is a similar system, although with some other complication to it


Tell me if I'm wrong but I believe 祖母にこのダイヤモンドはもらいました is bringing more attention to "this diamond" as if someone asked "what did your grandma give you?"

First, you can't use は for the above sentence. It must be を (このダイヤモンド). Regardless, both sentences (this and the original) are about the diamond IMO.

However, grandmother will become a valuable source of information to the tax authority in case you're charged with tax evasion. :)


ダイヤモンド is misspelled in your answer.


That's what I replied, and it worked ;)


How about "sobu kara" instead of "sobu ni"?


shouldn't 'kara' be here as 'from'


もらいます means "to receive" here, and the "from" is implied.


Grandmother→そぼ or ばあちゃん


would 祖母からいただきました work here?


「(この)ダイヤモンド」- だいやもんど - This diamond

「祖母」- そぼ - Grandmother (Referring to her in 3rd person)

「もらう、もらいます」- (v.) Receive (from someone)

この (this) ダイヤモンド は (particle marking the subject [を would also work here]) 祖母 に (particle marking who it was received from) もらいました

I received this diamond from my grandmother

The way the verb もらう works is you state the person you received something from, in this case 祖母, put the particle に after them, and then use the verb. から could have also been used

You can also change the word order too and say 「祖母にダイヤモンドはもらいました」or 「祖母にダイヤモンドをもらいました」

This will be correct


the hover overt diamond said ダイヤ but it wasn't accepted, it wanted ダイヤモンド

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