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My Recommendation For Duolingo Users: Write In Your Target Language

I am not 100% sure this is the correct forum for this, but I wasn't sure where to post it if not because it applies to people learning any and all languages on Duolingo.

Duolingo is a great website to use to learn a language. It teaches you vocabulary, grammar, and more, not to the point of fluency but it is a great start. One thing Duolingo does not do is writing. Yes, you write sentences it gives you. However, to be successful at any language, you need to be able to create your own sentences. If you have ever learned a language in school, you have most likely written short paragraphs in your target language. This is, in my opinion, a great way to practice putting your language skills together and create sentences you will likely use. So I would highly recommend that users of Duolingo write a paragraph in their target language starting after a few weeks of learning.

It doesn't need to be a long paragraph. Aim for 30-50 words the first time. Next week, try it again but aim for 40-60. Gradually increase what you are writing and it will really help you. Try to do it without using a translating website for help, if you really need help you can use one.

Here are some ideas of what you could write about: About Yourself- write a few things about yourself, likes and dislikes, name, age, etc. Favorites- favorite color, food, book, music, etc. Colors- write about the colors you see. what things are what colors? (bonus points if it's a poem!) Recipe- this one is a bit harder than the first few, but try to make a recipe for a food you like in your target language

If you try it, let me know! Feel free to leave it as a comment to this (as long as there isn't too much personal information like age or what school you go to) and maybe help others in the same language!

Edit: I will be adding tips and resources onto this post as I think of them. Everything below this is an addition and was not originally in the post.

Try to pronounce everything you write in your paragraph. This way you can practice your writing and speaking skills.

https://hinative.com is a great website to use in combination with your writing practice and speaking practice. I joined after a few people recommended Lang-8, which is no longer accepting new users. Hinative lets you write or speak in your target language and native speakers rate it and give advice on how to improve. So I would post your paragraphs on there along with a pronunciation as a "does this sound natural" question. I HIGHLY recommend this website.

Thank you very much to the generous lingot donors! I will put them to good use :)

Ideas of what to write about: -You are writing to a new penpal in (country where target language is spoken) Introduce yourself and ask a few questions to your penpal -You are at a restaurant. Address any dietary restrictions you have (vegetarianism, nut allergy, etc.) Order a drink, a meal, a dessert, and ask for your check. -You are keeping a journal. Write an entry on what you did and how you feel today. -You are texting a friend about a dream you had. Write what you would text your friend. -Find a picture online. Write a story about the picture, explaining what happened right beforehand and what happens next. -Write a poem. It can be about anything, but it has to flow nicely. Some ideas to write a poem about are nature, a childhood memory, changing seasons, or emotions. -Write a love letter to your significant other or crush. Explain how you feel about them and why -You are an exchange student who will be staying with a family. Introduce yourself, ask any questions you have, and address why you chose to come to this country.

June 28, 2017



A free website that I have seen mentioned here and there (I have not actually used it, but I've heard good reports about it) is Lang-8: www.lang-8.com.
Basically, you write a paragraph (or more) in your target language and native speakers correct it for you and give you tips.


I haven't tried Busuu, but was just about to recommend Lang-8, which is a website for just that (and it's free).


Oh man. I put the wrong name up there! Lang-8 was the one I was thinking of! Yikes, I'll have to change that...


Oh well, great minds think alike! :-)


ill check it out thanks for the recommendation!


I actually put the wrong website up there. Busuu is a language-learning website, but the one I was thinking of was Lang-8: www.lang-8.com


Both you and annika_a are right: lang-8 is a great site. But Meowgan17 says that it is not accepting new registrations any longer.


Thank you for this bright idea. It sounds like it would be very helpful in improving recall and even speaking abilities, if we practice saying what we write. : )


that would be great too, not only learning to put your own sentences together but also practicing saying them is probably the best way to practice this!


Thanks for the extremely helpful post. I've seen Lang-8 once but somehow thought it wasn't good. Writing may be exactly what my languages need now and I'll definitely try it. If you have some more specific tips from your experience, I'll be happy to hear them. I'll get to it later though, most likely a few months from now, because now I will be working on listening skills (which I'll also do in a month or so because sadly I have very little time for language learning now).


You are very welcome! I've only done the writing a few times so far (and it is already helping) but for specific tips, I would start with what you know. If you are good at saying "I am " and "I like to _" write something about yourself. Write something you would say to introduce yourself to a pen pal, and make it short to start. Post it on hinative.com and ask for tips or corrections.

Next time, try to write something a bit more challenging. I'll add on to the post as I get better at it and as people leave comments with their own suggestions.


Thanks! I'd love to hear more ideas about that.


Lang-8 is no longer accepting new subscribers.


So it does indeed seem. How annoying! :-S

Here's a thread on Reddit discussing this and listing some similar alternatives: https://www.reddit.com/r/languagelearning/comments/5yyq5z/lang8_no_longer_accepting_registrations/.


try https://hinative.com/ I found when i went to Lang-8. I made a hinative and it seems great so far!, I've already gotten a few corrections on my writing, and a couple ratings of my pronunciation


It seems they have closed the new registrations to lang-8. Everyone from here flocked to it :)


yes, sadly Lang-8 is no longer allowing new registrations. However, I joined hitnative instead and it seems to be similar!


This is a great idea - writing. I can do all the lessons on Duolingo but when I try to speak, only French and Spanish come to mind. I will certainly try this. Many thanks.

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