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Duolingo Stories (Beta), German

I would love to have "...Stories" in German. Has the Spanish and Portuguese been successful enough to launch German? Please shed any light on this as you can. I have been extremely grateful for the German tree I am working on. I am half way through and need to make plans to expand my fluency. I am entertaining going with another program like Rosetta Stone or the myriad of others available out there. I don't wish to DEFECT, as you will. But I fear I will be topping out of the limited German tree here at Duolingo. Is the Duolingo Plus available for German yet? Thank you.

June 28, 2017



A good option once you finish the tree is Clozemaster.com, which actively aims to be a resource to be used after Duolingo.


That's pretty good, if a bit clunky. Enjoyed it.


Thanks a lot! This is really useful!


I hope to look forward to stories being available in Polish as well. (We can always hope/ dream : ) )



Powinienem napisać dla ciebie po polsku historię





and here is your flower which is shared with the new Scotland (Nova Scotia) .


Thanks Jack! : )


Yes, this would be great!


Nice idea. But as I told you in another post, it would be good to revise your texts a bit, because there are formal and spelling errors in every short rhyme or story, which could confuse a beginner (not a native speaker). It´s because you offer them to learners and they shouldn´t read texts with errors.

One example for spelling errors are the German 'Umlauts' (ä, ö, ü), which are important for the understanding and pronunciation.

An example for a formal error is:

Sie sagt: ,,Die Suppe schmeckt nicht!"

No need to use the exclamation mark after the colon here.


thank you

I will edit once I get a chance

thank you for this kind comment

all the best I am off to the mountains




I definitly agree. And I would like it in French. Because French has more learners than Portuguese, and so does German.


Thanks for sharing this website!


I'm hoping they expand the stories into German, although for the time being I'm using German news ( tagesschau.de ) to look at some native German language. There's usually words that I don't know, so I use Leo Dictionary ( dict.leo.org ) to help me through, and Google Translate if I'm completely stuck. I hope this helps you!


I would also like to see the stories in German. So far, I've read a couple of the Spanish ones. They were fun.


I'm using Memrise, Busuu and Lingvist alongside Duolingo, I was told about Rosetta Stone before, has anyone used it?


I homeschooled my children and used Rosetta Stone with my children for German. Here are some of my impressions of it. These are neither good nor bad, just my impressions.

  • It is an immersion program
  • there are little to no grammar lessons which wasn't a big deal for us since I was acquainted with the grammar
  • I believe it has released a new edition that has updated features, but I believe there are still no grammar lessons
  • as with any immersion program you simply must try to make word substitutions. The sentence is "I have a ball." How would I say, "I have a rock ... a hat ... a blah blah?"
  • it is expensive
  • although we never used it, I believe you can have online conversations with native speakers
  • if you complete it, I believe you will have completed the equivalent of an American freshman and possibly sophomore college level. THEY may say it is higher.
  • it is very useful for vocabulary

I've thought about digging our older version out ... IF I still have it. My last child has already been out of college for two years so it is entirely possible that I sold or gave it away.


Well when it comes vocabulary nothing beats Memrise, but grammar has been a problem for me, busuu is the best I could find, thanks though. :)

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