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  5. "今日は二月二日です。"


Translation:Today is February second.

June 28, 2017



Why not "today is February the second"?


I think there are big dialect issues in play here. I would definitely say "the 2nd" regardless of whether it cane before or after the month in my sentence. I'm a native English speaker in Ireland.


I learnt that "the" for dates is only used in spoken form in English (´・ω・`)


Where? Because even in Cambridge they use "the" when writing dates.

When writing is based on speaking it inherits its qualities. So if you write the whole word for "second" as spoken, it is probably prudent to add "the" as well.
Example given: Today is the 7th September.


You're contradicting yourself there a bit. Nobody would say 'the 7th September' out loud. They would say "the 7th OF September'.


Yes, the 7th September. NOT September the 7th.

Notice in the section below the one you marked, they write July 4th. Not July the 4th.

So it's either, the second of February, or February second.


So, yes "The 7th September", but not "September the [number]"?

Look what I found:


I feel like the 7th September means like you've been doing/expecting something for six Septembers and this will be one more. September the 7th should be the date


I agree. Whether or not one way or another is the "correct way" as a facet of English grammar or whatever, Duolingo isn't supposed to test you on your English (unless you're taking an English course lol), the important thing is that the translation is being understood, which it clearly is with or without "the".


For this lesson I suggest this site for better uNderstanding: http://www.omniglot.com/language/numbers/japanese.htm

It has an explaination about how to say the days of a month, for example, february 2nd- Nigatsu - 2nd month, Futstuka - 2nd day of the month




The one before uses "may the third". So, obviously "february the second" is wrong here. Rolling eyes


Sarcasm, right?


Yep. Hence the "rolling eyes" bit.


Does anyone know the pronunciation of "二日"?


Sorry if you were looking for a different kind of date...


I came here thinking it was the other date. :(


ついたち(1st) - ふつか(2nd) - みっか(3rd) - よっか(4th) - いつか(5th) - むいか(6th) - なのか(7th) - ようか(8th) - ここのか(9th) - とうか(10th) - じゅうよっか(14th) - はつか(20th) -にじゅうよっか(24th) - さんじゅうにち(30th) - さんじゅういちにち(31th)


Please have some adjustment for the accepted set of answers! "February the 2nd" or such should be accepted as well


It's Groundhog Day!


Today is the second day of February. wrong of course


Every day is Groundhog's Day


N-no... I was expecting to learn how to go on a date in this section... orz


There are at least these three ways to express dates in English. For this example. February 2nd. February the 2nd. The 2nd of February.

Whether the article "the" is included is not a matter of spoken v written, but rather how the expression of the date is connected in a sentence. Examples:

The 2nd of February is my birthday. vs February 2nd is the date of my birthday.

In the latter, "the" before "date" produces a sort of redundancy for definite articles going before "the date" and are thus omitted. The same occurrence can usually be observed in structures containing related particles such as "on."


What is she saying for 二日?too quick


ふつか futsuka. The "u" vowels almost completely disappear (not vocalized). It becomes something like "ftska" Try to listen for the same sounds hiding in the English fragment, "the raft's caught"


the raft's caught

In English, the ⟨t⟩ in ⟨ft’s⟩ would likely be elided yielding a pronunciation as if spelled ⟨fs⟩ unless pronounced very carefully.

In Japanese, the voiceless vowel still is there—whispered. (Phonologically speaking, whispering is the same as voicelessness.)


I learned in school that one of the correct ways to write the date is "2nd of February". It works fine in Duolingo.


It actually is february second today, haha!


Why is Feb 2 not accepted?


Oh dear, another USA vs the English speaking world debate! Trouble is, it is very hard to ignore when you've spent your life hearing it one way. Order is also different throughout the world. Month, Day, Year. All the computers say it so it must be right! Except everyone who has Day, Month, Year in their upbringing, or Year, Month, Day. I'm actually puzzled if anyone except the USA doesn't use hierarchical nomenclature?


i got it wrong because i didn't capitalize February


Oh come on. Today's is not acceptable because it has to be today IS??

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