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  5. "今月はちょっといそがしいです。"


Translation:I am a little busy this month.

June 28, 2017



Should, "I will be a bit busy this month" be accepted too?


Yes, that's fine.


Is "This month is a little busy" wrong?


I thought it was fine when I answered with that, too...


Yeah that's what I wrote too, I reckon it is fine and is a more literal translation anyway. I flagged it. It makes perfect sense in English so there is no problem there either.


Yes, I'd report it. It's a personification of 'month' that we readily accept nowadays


I seem to recall that only people can be いそがしい in Japanese. A month isn't a person.


How to know that this is about myself rather than just a statement of it being busy?


Context. Is the other person saying it and in response to what? Am I saying it as a response to what? The same sentence takes on different meanings depending on where and how it is used... though since it is a simple statement, I would imagine the speaker would be saying this in reply to someone else when asked if it's ok to meet this month or something like that.


It's probably rude to talk about others so directly. You'd say something like "I heard that so-and-so was busy this month" or "So-and-so said that they were busy this month."




Is this ちょっと the same that means right now like in 今は八時ちょっとです。or am I confusing and mispelling the second? Homophones with different kanjis?


ちょっと means a little bit.

right now would be 今


My mistake, the word I was looking for was ちょうど as Ginkkou wrote. And the sentence example was 八時ちょうどです - It is 8 o'clock sharp (not right now).


You're confusing it with ちょうど, "exactly", I guess.


Chotto is a little bit and choudo means something more along the lines of exactly. Chotto is written in kana choudo has kanji for it.


I usually write chotto as 一寸


I could not understand the word that translates to "this month". How is it pronounced?


"I am a little busy" / "I a a bit busy" are both okay, but "I'm a little bit busy is not correct. Why is that? I find that a bit strange.


It's probably just not in the database. Report it.


For the week one it accepted "This week is a little busy"

But for this one "This month is a little busy" is marked wrong, even though the only word that changed was week to month. Duo you could at least try to be a little consistent in your acceptable answers please. d:

Edit: Oh jeeze a month later I get tripped on this question with the same answer again and come into the discussion to see I've already posted. xD


What's wrong with: This month I'm a little bit busy...


ちょっと means the vowel sound should be extended a bit but I always hear it as rather curt vowel sound. For example, with きょう you can definitely hear the extension but I don't with ちょっと


Do you mean the っ in ちょっと? The small tsu actually doubles the following consonant sound, so it would be read "chotto". There is no vowel sound extension here

As MardukSky above, you may be confusing it with ちょうど, "exactly/sharp" which does have the extended vowel sound "choudo"

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