"Ich hatte nie die Gelegenheit."

Translation:I never had the opportunity.

June 28, 2017

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What about "ich habe die Gelegenheit nie gehabt"?


You might hear that, but you should not write that. So if you translate a simple past sentence just use Präteritum. Yet in spoken german many people use the perfekt as a "replacement" for the präteritum. So Präteritum is always OK, and if you just speak with a friend, then you might use Perfekt instead.


That would mean in my opinion: "I've never had the opportunity"


To the English speaking people: What is the difference in use of "occasion" and "opportunity" ? (They both are translated to "Gelegenheit")


This reply on usingenglish.com seems to put it well:

"An opportunity is a circumstance that is favorable for you to achieve a goal or get something you want:

Her retirement party gave her colleagues an opportunity to wish her well.

Looking downfield, the player saw an opportunity to score a goal.

An occasion is a particular event or time:

On the occasion of his birthday, we ate a special meal.

The funeral was a mournful occasion."



How about "I had never the opportunity?"


No, that isn't English. That is just translating word for word.

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