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Entao e tambem

So now i live in Lisbon, (i know is not in Brazil, sorry for that) and very very frequently i hear these two words: entao e tambem. Aren't common in Brazil? Because i don't get them at all in my excercises, and in fact i don't know what they mean or how to use them. I would like to use them, because they also sound nice. Do you have any pro tip? Obrigado!

June 28, 2017



If you want to learn some more about European Portuguese (as spoken in Portugal), you can follow my blog: https://theepexperience.wordpress.com

I also have listed a series of study materials you can use, including dictionaries (if you ever have any doubts about what a word means).

Best of luck with your life and studies :)


Muito obrigada!


Sim, é muito usado.


"então" has a lot of uses, I'll try to list some of them.

então as an adverb: then
Eu estava sozinho e então a TV ligou sozinha
I was alone and then the TV turned on by itself
até então: till then
mas então: but then

então as an adverb: therefore/so
Eu não me lembrei do aniversário da minha namorada, então ela ficou brava comigo
I didn't remind my girlfriend's birthday therefore/so she got mad at me

então can also mean so/well in the sense of starting a sentence or smth like that
então... acho que não vou conseguir ir pra festa amanhã...
so.../well... I don't think I'll be able to go to the party tomorrow...

"também" means "also", "as well", "too"
Eu gosto de "O senhor dos anéis" mas também gosto de "Harry Potter"
I like "the lord of the rings" but I like "Harry Potter" as well/too or
I like "the lord of the rings" but I also like "harry potter"

you can also say "eu também" which means "me too" or "me either".


Amazing, muito obrigado!


I think it is also possible they are saying "tudo bem" which is both a question, and an answer. You okay? Yes, okay. Or, more literally, All good? All good. So confusing to me at first. But said almost every greeting.

At least that was what I was hearing all the time, along with também, to the point I joked that I did not need to learn more than 10 words, but needed to learn all sorts of inflections for them.

Have you tried the Memrise Portugal Portuguese? It really helps and has these phrases.

Here is another key:


And this is really helpful too:



Thank you! i will check it out for sure. so far i used only duolingo, but i am getting angry when exercising, so i will try also different tools

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