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Strengthen bars do not go full even if I pass the lesson

Anyone has the same issue? It's really frustrating... I've now strengthen the unit "places" four times and the bars are still no 100%... thanks!

March 24, 2014



We're working on a bug related to skill strength. Sorry about this!


Are there any remaining known bugs re skills not strengthening please?


It is still an issue.


I think, it's still an issue, not only for flirting, but in my french tree in general. Also, I think the degrading is a bit fast, is that possible?


This has been ongoing for over a year now. Currently my Android app has this problem with the bonus "Flirting" exercise whereas all other lessons are gold (have completed the French tree!) I've even tried deleting all data and cache for the app in Android settings and logging back in to sync the data, but it is still showing up as not being 100%.

It used to be that if you retook all the lessons then it would go back to gold, but now even doing this doesn't work.


Ditto, except for the part about retaking lessons.

Flirting (French) will continue to show as not gold on the Android app, when it's gold on the website. The bar beneath Flirting on the Android app will get almost all the way full, minus a tiny strip on the right. The "weakest words" listed when I go to strengthen Flirting on the app don't seem to change, except for their order, in spite of having all been addressed several times during several strengthening sessions, and no matter how many sessions I do, they don't go away. (Today I tried 10 sessions to test this bug. As you can imagine, with 10 sessions on a relatively limited set of easy questions that I've done countless times before, I'm not making mistakes.)

However, I have found that I can still make the skill gold on the app by redoing one or more lessons for this skill. Today, after my ten strengthening sessions, I redid lesson one, and that finally made the skill gold on the app.

Notably, when strengthening this skill today, I didn't get any English-to-French translation questions, i.e. where I had to type the French words. (What a waste of time.) There were some put-the-French-words-in-order questions. I got three English-to-French translations when redoing lesson one.

Another note: "Aimerais", which is one of the words typically listed as needing strengthening in this section, comes up time and again in the sentence "J'aimerais vivre dans tes chaussures pour être avec toi à chacun de tes pas", as it did more times than I care to remember today. However, on my word list, "aimerais" is now listed as having last been strengthened one month ago.

There is definitely a glitch, and it's definitely annoying.


if you are having problems with some specific words, that might be the problem. You could try doing the individual lessons in the skill, and/or go to general strengthening, both have helped me before.

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